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Key Considerations When Selecting a Hybrid Storage Array

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A storage decision that many small, midsize and large enterprise organizations are trying to make regards what type of array to host their production data on. This often comes down to the selection of either an all-flash or a hybrid storage array. Since most organizations do not have the luxury of saying, “Money is no object,” the majority are, for now, selecting hybrid storage arrays to get flash-like performance for their most active application data while using disk to store the bulk of their application data. It as organizations evaluate hybrid storage arrays that there are key factors that they need to consider.

DCIG 2015-16 All-Flash Array Buyer’s Guide Now Available

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DCIG is pleased to announce the September 29 release of the DCIG 2015-16 All-Flash Array Buyer’s Guide that weights, scores and ranks more than 100 features of twenty-eight (28) all-flash arrays or array series from eighteen (18) enterprise storage providers.

DCIG All-Flash Array Buyer’s Guide will Reveal Dynamic Flash Memory Storage Marketplace

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Since the publication of the DCIG 2014-15 Flash Memory Storage Array Buyer’s Guide, the storage industry has embraced the term all-flash array. For that reason the forthcoming refresh of the buyer’s guide will be called the DCIG 2015-16 All-Flash Array Buyer’s Guide. More than terminology has changed over the last eighteen (18) months. The fresh data DCIG compiled shows that all-flash array vendors have substantially reduced the barriers to all-flash array adoption.

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The DCIG 2015-16 Hyper-converged Infrastructure Buyer’s Guide is currently scheduled to launch in Q4 2015.

"Building our network we have had to compare a multitude of different products from several vendors. The DCIG Analysis Portal allowed us to simplify that process."

− Durrell Gray, CISSP; Army Emergency Relief

"I was able to utilize the DCIG Buyer’s Guides to help with evaluating multiple SAN providers. I used the DCIG Buyer’s Guides to identify additional vendors to talk with about their products."

− Dwayne Dunn - Technology Specialist - Copiah-Lincoln Community College

"The information on the DCIG Analysis Portal is very comprehensive and more helpful than what I find on Gartner’s and Forrester’s websites."

− Global IT Services Company, Supply Chain Manager

"The DCIG Interactive Buyer's Guide is a shortcut for anyone that is doing product research. I was able to quickly drill down into ratings for the specific features of both the vendors I was familiar with and vendors I didn't even know about. This provided me with a more complete picture of the market segment."

− Eric Hagstrom, GotDedupe.com

DCIG Buyer’s Guides

DCIG Buyer’s Guides have become a go-to resource for end-users, resellers and technology providers alike when making technology buying decisions or recommendations. The success of these Buyer’s Guides stems from the process that DCIG uses to first gather and synthesize disparate product data; the comprehensive set of information presented in each Buyer’s Guide; and, the presentation of the Buyer’s Guide itself. All DCIG Buyer’s Guides are available for download at no charge to any end-user who registers for the DCIG Analysis Portal (resellers and vendors may test drive it up for up to 30 days).




DCIG Analysis Suite

DCIG Supplier Evaluation Software

The DCIG Supplier Evaluation Software enables any organization to ask and answer the proper questions about any product in a particular technology sector and then objectively arrive at the most appropriate buying decision for its needs. The DCIG Supplier Evaluation Software includes common technology questions that should be asked and the answers to them. It also includes the flexibility to:

  • Introduce new questions and/or answers
  • Score the answers to each question in a manner relevant to your environment
  • Create separate surveys for each product evaluates


DCIG Analysis Portal

The DCIG Analysis Portal includes the following:

  • Pre-existing product research in the form of previously published PDF versions of the DCIG Buyer’s Guides
  • The DCIG Interactive Buyer’s Guide, which provides access to all DCIG research about a particular topic. Users may generate reports that display DCIG’s overall product rankings and scores of these products as well as do head-to-head comparisons between them. These reports are generated on-the-fly and may be optionally saved as PDFs and shared with others.


DCIG Services for IT Professionals

The DCIG Analysis Suite provides IT professionals with access to DCIG’s online, comprehensive research library that consists of the DCIG Supplier Evaluation Software and the DCIG Analysis Portal as well as access to DCIG’s analysts. The DCIG Analysis Suite provides access to the analysis and analyst recommendations that enterprises of all sizes need when making technology buying decisions. The DCIG Supplier Evaluation Software gives IT professionals the flexibility to create their own products questions and/or answers and then score the answers to these questions in a manner that are most relevant to their organization.  The DCIG Analysis Suite offers:

  • Concurrent user access license(s) to the DCIG Analysis Portal
  • Single seat user access license(s) to the DCIG Supplier Evaluation Software
  • In-depth technical information on hundreds of technology products
  • Access to and support by DCIG analysts
  • Multi-tenancy so that any research developed by your organization may only be accessed and viewed by individuals authorized by your organization.

DCIG Services for Vendors and VARs

DCIG provides a variety of analyst offerings of which vendors and VARs may take advantage. In addition to the DCIG Analysis Suite, which is unsponsored content that DCIG makes available to IT professionals, vendors and VARs (value-added resellers) as well as press and other industry analysts, DCIG makes the following sponsored analyst products specifically available to vendors and VARs.  DCIG analyst products include:

  • Blogging
  • Customer Validations
  • Executive Interviews
  • Executive White Papers
  • Webinars
  • White Papers
  • Lead Gen Programs based on DCIG Buyer’s Guides

To register to request more information about these offerings or DCIG in general, please click on the button below.

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DCIG empowers the IT industry with actionable analysis that equips individuals within organizations to conduct technology assessments. DCIG delivers informed, insightful, third party analysis and commentary on IT technology. DCIG independently develops and licenses access to DCIG Buyer’s Guides and the DCIG Analysis Suite. It also develops sponsored content in the form of blog entries, customer validations, competitive advantage reports, executive white papers, special reports and white papers.

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