A Practical Solution to Today’s Problem of Connecting IT Buyers to the Right Vendors at the Right Time

The world of IT has changed. IT staff no longer necessarily spend weeks, days or even hours configuring and managing computer technology. Rather they spend most of their time simply researching and just figuring out what computer gear they are going to buy next because they are, for the most part, buying technologies and solutions that may cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions.

Making the situation worse, when they are in this exploration and research stage, much of the information they need is difficult to access and discern. While it may be available on the “web,” it is rarely in a format that is easy to digest. Consider:

  • Websites and blogs rarely contain the level of in-depth information they need to move from product evaluation to product testing and buying.
  • Vendor sites may contain this product information but, in registering to view that information, results in unwanted sales calls form the vendor since users are not looking to buy, just educate themselves.
  • Analyst firms make this information available but you have to pay to access it and too often the information is not that much better than what is available on vendor websites.

Maybe the worst part of the current IT evaluation and procurement process is that IT staff spends a great deal of time (up to 80%) researching products and solutions to solve a narrow scope of business problems. It would be much more helpful if they could spend more time studying and learning the business, understand its specific technology needs and then quickly research ad identify products that most closely align with them.

However users are not the only ones frustrated by this process. So are vendors. The last thing they want to do is call on someone who is either not an influencer, not capable of making a buying decision, or someone who is “just looking.” The way they make money is by selling products and solutions to those businesses that are actively looking to buy.

This is the big problem that both buyers and sellers in the business-to-business (B2B) space face today:

There is no effective way for businesses to quickly and efficiently communicate where they are in the buying process and in what products they are interested. Neither is there any means for vendors to connect with these buyers at the right time with the right products that match their needs when they are in the buying cycle.

Businesses/end-users and vendors alike need a better way to connect with each other at the right time as everyone’s time is too valuable to waste looking for information that should be available at their fingertips. Businesses ideally only want to talk to vendors when they are ready for more specific research and/or information in anticipation of testing a product or making a buying decision. Vendors ideally only want to talk to businesses when the business is near making such a decision.

This is the exact problems that Abstrakt’s Lead Generation programs using DCIG Buyer’s Guides are designed to solve. Through its daily outreach efforts, Abstrakt regularly contacts IT managers, IT decision makers and system and storage architects, administrators and engineers to understand where they are at in the buying process and determine what technologies they are ready to purchase and when. 

It is only after Abstrack understands their specific needs that Abstrakt puts into the hands of these individuals the right DCIG Buyer’s Guide(s) free of charge. In this way they have the exact information they need at their fingertips to quickly make a thorough and informed buying decision about the exact technologies they want and need.

In exchange for providing these Buyer’s Guides free of charge, Abstrakt only asks the individual to provide some basic contact information. This information is then shared with vendors who represent one or more products included in the Buyer’s Guide.

The value of this approach is that the buyer is only being contacted by vendors who represent products that they are actually interested in after it has been established they are actually buyers of these products. Vendors also derive value from this approach since they are no longer calling people out of the blue with no clue as to what products they are interested in.
In short, businesses get the information about the technology they want when they want and need it. Vendors connect with businesses at the exact time that businesses are researchers and looking to buy so when they reach out and contact the business about their product, the business is receptive to their call since it is relevant to their current business process.

The bottom line is that vendors no longer waste their time calling on businesses that have no interest in buying or are contacting buyers who have no interest in either the products or services of what they are selling. Businesses also only get calls from vendors about products/technologies that they are actively looking to acquire.

In this scenario, both buyers and sellers save time and money. Businesses streamline their technology acquisitions with better information using the DCIG Buyer’s Guides to first acquaint themselves with the products and help justify their buying decisions. Sellers shorten the selling process and reduce the time calling on people who are not receptive to their calls

So if you are a buyer/business, go to DCIGBuyersGuides.com to download the free Technology Buyer’s Guide that you need on the technology topic that you are researching. DCIG has Buyer’s Guides on many topics to include backup appliances, backup software, midrange arrays, unified storage and tape libraries to just name a few.

Conversely if you are a seller of these products, feel free to reach out to Abstrakt Marketing Group at 314.577.0342 and ask for Jason or Cole or email Abstrakt at info@abstraktmg.com to discuss how you can very quickly get in touch with real IT professionals who are making real buying decisions today so you can start to be part of the solution to today’s B2B IT buying and selling process, not part of the problem.

Jerome M. Wendt

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President & Lead Analyst of DCIG, Inc. Jerome Wendt is the President and Lead Analyst of DCIG Inc., an independent storage analyst and consulting firm. Mr. Wendt founded the company in September 2006.

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