November 14, 2012

One aspect of data protection that enterprises often overlook is the types of servers and the number of them that they do NOT backup. Enterprises are pretty conscientious about protecting business and mission critical applications (physical or virtual.) It is the rest of their production physical and virtual machines (VMs) which often go unprotected due to the reluctance of organizations to invest in software to back them up. Idera Server Backup 5.0′s new licensing model that drives per VM backup costs down to as low as $15 per VM removes these concerns and frees organizations to cost-effectively extend data protection to all of their production servers.

June 9, 2010

Taking snapshots of applications is fast becoming a prerequisite for backup and recovery as well as a means for testing how well application fixes, patches and upgrades will work. But as more organizations adopt Linux as their preferred operating system to host their applications, they are also finding that the native Snapshot utility found in Linux’s Logical Volume Manager (LVM) does not provide them with all of the functionality they need.