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It’s not Impossible to get all the Enterprise Backup & Recovery Features that You Need for Free

By December 2, 2008Asigra Inc

Any storage architect or

administrator that has ever dared to accept the challenge of engineering or

re-designing their company’s backup and recovery environment has undoubtedly

discovered that he or she has had to sacrifice functionality or features based

on the practical limits of their budget. Reasons for this vary from vendor to

vendor, but mostly it comes down to how many backup and recovery software

options are they willing to pay for? Most vendors offer reasonably good

licensing for the core software, but once you step outside of that realm, some

of the most basics features are not included. Some features I have seen omitted

from what I now consider core functionality include:

  • Support

    for disk-based backups and VTL’s (cost and quantities are very dependent

    on the specific vendor implementation)

  • Any

    type of Single Instance Storage, DeDuplication or Compression

  • Any

    Encryption technology, be they Hardware or Software

  • Advanced

    Server and Application level backup agents (Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint,

    Notes, Synthetic full support)

  • Bare

    Metal Recovery

  • Granular Recovery of a given applications set of


This list is obviously not an

all-encompassing one but it serves to demonstrate that these are features that

are generally not typically included in the core software of the major backup

vendors. However, it does demonstrate the need for backup architects to perform

a significant amount of pre-planning and research to understand what they are

omitting when they give up a feature for price if it’s not included in the core


In my previous life, I have had

experience in decisions like this, and they usually turn out less than positive

for the end-user. About 90% of the time it was due to the vendor or the

end-user really not understanding what they are losing when they give up a


In that respect, wouldn’t it be

great if you could tear down those budgetary ramparts and say, “I want to cover

my backup infrastructure end-to-end regardless.”? Well, don’t fret. There is a

solution out there which oddly enough doesn’t nickel and dime your budgets to

death. Asigra TeleVaulting provides an all-encompassing backup and recovery

solution, that provides all the layers of backup and recovery functionality

needed to ensure that you can simply and easily achieve those backup SLA’s

without breaking the bank on licenses or manpower resources.

Asigra gives companies the flexibility

to maintain this environment on your own, store the data to one of these

emerging storage clouds, or even outsource it by using one of Asigra’s many

MSP’s (Managed Service Providers) to assume the responsibility for the backups.

Asigra Televualting includes many of the features for which other vendors

charge for “free” as part of its core software offering. At the high level Televaulting


  • Disk-Based

    system (No need to worry or deal with physical tape or multiple copies of

    those tapes, removes all those operational headaches)

  • Agentless

    operations (No need to manage nor maintain those pesky client/server


  • Inclusion

    of space savings features (Deduplication for both DS-System storage as

    well as replicated backups with all data compressed after it is


  • Encryption

    functionality (AES 256 is included standard with the product)

  • Embedded

    compliance support (FCRP, SOX, HIPPA, PCI-DSS)

  • Full

    System Recoveries offered as part of the package (Standard system recovery

    procedures apply)

  • Granular

    recovery of databases as well as email stores (down to the message level,

    with the appropriate software)

  • CDP (TIVO for your infrastructure)

This is just a summary of the robust features

that are included with Asigra’s TeleVaulting product. So, the next time you are

looking to re-architect or create a new backup and recovery environment, keep

Asigra Televaulting in mind as it potentially offers some significant ROI and

TCO for your corporation. Also, keep in mind that when you start to consider

the trade-offs of sacrificing features that you need to maintain a robust

backup environment because of their costly add-on features, there are unique

solutions out there that can help side-step this concern.

Tim Anderson

About Tim Anderson

Tim serves as a Senior Analyst HA/Infrastructure for DCIG

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