Cable Labeling, the Cloud, Encryption and Virtual Server Backup Topics Make It Into DCIG’s Top 10 for 2011

Today I continue to reveal the Top 10 most read blog entries on DCIG’s website in 2011 with these four (4) entries typifying the two extremes of topics that DCIG’s readers tend to read the most. At one end of the spectrum are two forward looking blog entries on topics that every organization are examining now: the cloud and virtual server backup. At the other end of the spectrum are two older blog entries on the topics of cable labeling and encryption for which organizations continue to need relevant information.

#7 – Encryption is “Free” But Key Management Still Costs; Part 2 of 2 by Jerome Wendt. The date of this blog entry goes back to early 2008 when, at that time, there was a great deal of buzz around the topics of encryption and key management. However as is sometimes the case with certain blog entry topics, sometimes it takes a while for them to catch fire or for them to become relevant. That may well be the case with this particular blog entry.

As more companies look to encrypt data that they are copying, moving or storing offsite in the cloud, at another site or with a records management provider, they are looking for options to economically encrypt the data and then manage the keys used to encrypt that data.

The blog entry took a look at how using Quantum’s Encryption Key Manager using  using cryptographically generated protected keys provides one of the best ways available to centrally manage encrypted keys until encryption key management standards are ratified while giving companies a road map to be in compliance if and when these standards are passed.

#6 – DCIG 2011 Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide Now Available by Jerome Wendt. This blog entry announced the availability of the second Buyer’s Guide ever produced by DCIG and where readers could go to download. But little did I expect the level of interest in either this blog entry or the Buyer’s Guide around which it was focused. Sure, I knew virtual server backup was hot but the level of interest in this particular topic was, to say the least, off the charts.

More surprising, interest in this blog entry and the Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide stayed throughout all of 2011 with thousands of people reading this blog entry prior to downloading the Buyer’s Guide that inspired it. The blog entry was, from my perspective, remarkably unremarkable in that it only shared some of the high level findings and which products achieved a Top 10 ranking in the Buyer’s Guide so it was clearly the topic matter and user interest in it that carried it into the Top 10. Also, if you have not yet downloaded a copy for yourself, you may access it at this link.

#5 – Why Nirvanix is Poised to Become the Next VMware by Jerome Wendt. The inspiration for this blog entry came while I was attending the Symantec Vision show in Las Vegas this past April 2011. I was waiting to meet and speak with a couple of Nirvanix executives at its show floor booth but I could not get a foot in edgewise while I was there due to the foot traffic.

More remarkable was that there was nothing particularly special about the Nirvanix booth. It was just your standard exhibit booth at the end of an aisle and yet there were users two and three deep present there almost all of the time looking for an enterprise cloud storage solution. This tipped me off there was something special going on at Nirvanix.

Then when I did finally manage to meet with a couple of its executives and hear more about its technology, their story sounded remarkably similar to how VMware got its start – so much so that I wrote a blog about my thoughts. Clearly my sentiments resonated with others as readership on this blog entry was off the charts the first month and has continued to attract a large number of readers every month since it was posted.

The blog entry also seemed to strike a chord with Nirvanix because when I ran into them and stopped by its booth at VMworld a few months later in Las Vegas, it had a printed off copy of that blog entry sitting on its display table that it was handing out to people who stopped by.

#4 – Cable Labeling as Part of Data Center Management Part II by Tim Anderson. This blog entry is an oldie but a goodie that continues to generate readership year after year with this being the 4th year in a row that it has appeared in DCIG’s Top 10 most viewed blog entries. When Tim wrote this blog entry, he shared with me that others often asked him to share his insight on this topic and that he needed a forum in which to share this information. As DCIG’s web site was just getting off the ground at that time, any contributed content was much appreciated by me.

As it turns out, Tim’s thoughts on cable labeling have continued to be widely appreciated by many others as well over the years. However if you just expect to read about cable labeling as part of data center management, you will find that this blog entry covers best practices for labeling servers and storage in data centers as well.

In any case, what I find ironic about this blog entry is that even as topics like “cloud,” “deduplication,” and  “virtualization” generate a great deal of buzz, a simple blog entry on how to label cables, servers and storage consistently outperforms them in terms of regular reader viewership. Go figure!

Check back tomorrow for the blog entries that did not quite reach the Top 10 but earned a year end honorable mention.

Also, if you missed which DCIG blog entries were ranked 8 – 10, follow this link to see those results.

01/04/2012 Update – The blog entry announcing the blog entries
that achieved positions #1 – #3 in DCIG’s Top 10 for 2011 is now
published and may be viewed here.

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