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DCIG Interactive Buyer’s Guide (IBG) Delivers First of a Kind Research as a Service for Enterprise Technology Buyers

By April 2, 2012 Big Data, DCIG
We live in the information age where data is being produced at rates that almost boggle the mind. But living in the age of Big Data does not translate into this data being easily available and digestible. This is especially applicable when it comes to accessing, sorting and generating reports on information about products that organizations need to make informed buying decisions.

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The new DCIG Interactive Buyer’s Guide (IBG) fundamentally addresses this basic organizational need. Delivering information about enterprise technologies in the form of Research as a Service, the IBG quickly and easily enables organizations to:

  • Access the information that they need about the products and features being considered
  • Select the features that they need in their environment
  • Produce needed reports to justify technology buying decision

Over the last few months DCIG has been documenting both the inadequacies of current product information (vendor data sheets, analyst reports, articles, etc) and the struggles that organizations face in digesting this information. This information provides:

  • Detailed information about a specific product or product features; or
  • Technology overviews that explain where a specific product fits in the market

Further, these static reports tend to get out of date and require users to filter through the information contained in them to identify which products possess the features that are the most important to them. As a result, users are forced to spend a great deal of time understanding what products are available, what features they possess and then make a technology decision based upon their research. Further, I have seen many (including myself) create very complicated spreadsheets to track which features are supported on each product.

The DCIG IBG changes all of that. Now organizations have at their fingertips both the raw product information they need AND the tools they need to easily view, filter and print this information. Maybe most importantly, they can access this information WITHOUT needing to create a highly complex spreadsheet in order to arrive at their conclusions.

Here are the key benefits that the IBG provides:

  • Access to objective product information. Support for specific product information is based directly on information found on the vendor’s web site, product literature, and a completed survey. DCIG takes great effort to make sure the most accurate product information is presented in these guides absent any bias.
  • Up to date information. As new features are added to existing products or new products are released, the IBG can be quickly and easily updated to include this new product information so the product features can be accurately assessed against other products in the market.
  • Side by side comparisons. The DCIG IBG enables organizations to do side by side of comparisons of up to five products and as many features (up to 100 or more) or as few (1) as they wish to compare. In this way organizations can quickly compare the features that really matter to them based upon their requirements.
  • Branded reports. All reports are branded with a DCIG IBG logo and date and time stamped in an appealing, professional format that can be used internally or shared with trusted partners. These reports become invaluable for those individual who need to present highly technical information in an appealing format to executives or those responsible for making buying decisions.
  • Social networking. The DCIG IBG includes a section for comments on each product so as organizations test or evaluate different products, they may leave their comments in this repository rather than risking that they are lost or get buried Word docs, emails, or spreadsheets. Further, only individuals within the company with access to the IBG can access those comments preserving the intellectual property of each company.

The DCIG IBG achieves an important milestone in delivering a new type of analyst report. Rather than organizations having to rely upon information that is dated, static or hard to manipulate, they now for the first have access to information in real time and can take advantage of the best of what analysts, journalists, vendors and even their own company have to offer and puts it into a portal that they can use.

The DCIG IBG is available immediately with pricing starting at $5,000 per seat. Modules currently available include the DCIG 2012 Midrange Array Buyer’s Guide and the DCIG 2011 Small Enterprise Storage Array Buyer’s Guide. Please reach out to DCIG’s VP of Business Development, Jim Nash, at jim.nash@www.dcig.com or you may call him at 1.844.324.4552 (844.DCIGLLC).

DCIG Launches First Interactive Buyer’s Guide for Buyers and Providers of IT Storage Products – (/ibg)

DCIG invites end users to participate in a freemium version of the Interactive Buyer’s Guide (IBG). Please go to https://ibg.dcig.com/freemium to signup for FREE access to the Interactive Buyer’s Guide for 30 days.

The press release associated with the IBG may be found here.

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