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DCIG 2012 Big Data Tape Library Buyer’s Guide Now Available

DCIG is very excited to announce the availability of its inaugural DCIG 2012 Big Data Tape Library Buyer’s Guide that weights, scores and ranks over 140 features on more than 60 tape libraries from 8 different storage providers. Driven by the explosion of storage requirements to address “Big Data” and the “Cloud,” organizations are now more than ever looking for cost-effective, viable storage media on which to store this data. This is why DCIG believes tape libraries are poised to be one of the big benefactors of these growing storage demands which prompted DCIG to produce its first ever Tape Library Buyer’s Guide to help enterprises choose the right solution for their environment.

BIG-DATA-TAPE-LIBRARY-Buyers-Guide-Logo.jpgThe world of Big Data is upon us. More organizations of all sizes capture, store and retain more data for longer periods of time than ever before. Even as the traditional drivers of data growth remain with us (backups, growth of structured data stores, etc.), new ways in which organizations may capture data are driving today’s unprecedented data growth.

As enterprise organizations come to grips with their Big Data requirements and/or look to store data in the cloud, the cost of retaining all of that data is beginning to come fully into focus, especially if they look solely at disk to do so.

2, 3 and even 4 TB disks coupled with compression and data deduplication have certainly contributed to lower the upfront cost of disk such that, on a per GB basis, it is now on par and may even be lower than tape. But what is getting the attention of more organizations is the operational expenses (OPEX) associated with keeping these disks powered on.

Further, not all data is created the same. While it may be “valuable” to the organization, it may not have an immediate value that justifies storing it to disk and incurring ongoing operational costs. Additionally, organizations are also looking to store data that:

  • Cannot be easily or cost-effectively reacquired
  • Consumes little or no power
  • Does not compress or deduplicate well or at all
  • Is rarely or infrequently accessed
  • Needs to be retained for years or even decades
  • Scales into the hundreds of terabytes or even petabytes

It is for reasons like these that DCIG produced this 2012 Big Data Tape Library Buyer’s Guide as DCIG sees tape as being viable storage medium for the foreseeable future. In it, DCIG accounts for tape’s historical use case of backup as well as its emerging role as a cost effective storage medium for archival data that is resulting from the advent of Big Data and the Cloud.

In doing its research for this Buyer’s Guide, DCIG uncovered some interesting statistics about tape libraries in general:

  • 100% supported the LTO format
  • 100% supported a FC interface
  • 39% still support a SCSI interface
  • 64% have 1 year warranties
  • 36% have 3 year warranties
  • 22% scale to support over one (1) petabyte of storage capacity
  • Only 7.5% support a tape media other than LTO (SDLT, 9840, TS1140, etc.)
  • 6% offer dual robotics

As with prior DCIG Buyer’s Guides, it accomplishes the following objectives for end users:

  • Provides an objective, third party evaluation of tape libraries that weights, scores and ranks their features from an end user’s viewpoint
  • Includes recommendations on how to best use this Buyer’s Guide
  • Scores and ranks the features on each tape libraries based upon criteria that matter most to end users so they can quickly know which tape libraries are the most appropriate for them to use and under what conditions
  • Provides data sheets for 66 tape libraries from 8 different storage providers so end users can do quick comparisons of the features that are supported and not supported on each tape library
  • Provides insight into which features on a tape library will result in improved availability and increased storage capacities
  • Provides insight into which tape libraries  are supported by popular archiving  and  backup software products
  • Gives any organization the ability to request competitive bids from different providers of tape libraries that are “apples-to-apples” comparisons

The DCIG 2012 Big Data Tape Library Buyer’s Guide is available immediately and may be downloaded for no charge with registration by following this link.

Jerome M. Wendt

About Jerome M. Wendt

President & Founder of DCIG, LLC Jerome Wendt is the President and Founder of DCIG, LLC., an independent storage analyst and consulting firm. Mr. Wendt founded the company in November 2007.

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