Top 5 Most Viewed Blog Entries on DCIG’s Site in 2012

As the last business day of 2012 it is time for DCIG to unveil its most read blog entries of 2012. While a few long time reader favorites remain in this year’s Top 5, a couple of newcomers also made first time appearances on this year’s list driven by what is likely growing user interest/concern in managing Big Data and doing eDiscovery across their unstructured data stores.

#5 – Electronic Mail Gains Further Scrutiny in Electronic Discovery during 2007 (link). Joshua Konkle. This blog entry cracks the year end DCIG list for the first time ever and is representative of the heightened interest that readers had in 2012 of eDiscovery related content on DCIG’s website. In this particular blog entry, DCIG Sr Analyst and Partner Joshua Konkle examines what prompted the rise of eDiscovery software in the first half of the 2000 decade in general and the rise of KVS Software (now part of Symantec) in particular. He then takes a look at recent court cases that challenge the authenticity of emails, their legitimacy and privacy and even how well the software that archives and retains these emails stand up under scrutiny.

#4 – DCIG 2011 Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide Now Available (link). Jerome Wendt. The release of the DCIG 2011 Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide generated a huge amount of interest in December 2010 when it was released. Since then, interest in that Buyer’s Guide has remained high as evidenced by the large number of individuals coming to DCIG’s site looking for information about this Guide. While this blog entry has done well the past two years, I expect interest in this particular blog entry to wane in the coming months once the 2013 version of the Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide is released.

#3 – Data Center Management 101 Part 1 (Cable Management) (link). Tim Anderson. This blog entry is another of DCIG’s most consistent performers year after year in terms of generating user interest. Since DCIG formally launched its website in 2008, this blog entry has made it into the Top 5 every year as one of DCIG’s most viewed blog entries. Despite its rather ordinary title, it continues to attract attention n an age where esoteric topics such as Big Data management, the Cloud and deduplication predominate, Tim’s thoughts and guidance on cable managements remain particularly relevant and arguably have taken on increased importance over the years as more emphasis is put on data center availability.

#2 – Huron Consulting Announces V2locity (velocity) (link). Joshua Konkle. This blog entry also rode the growing interest that readers have in better managing their Big Data stores and performing eDiscovery across them. While the title of this blog is fairly innocuous, it is this blog entry’s content that appears to be generating user interest. One of the larger concerns that organizations have when performing eDiscoveries (aside from how the eDiscovery is actually performed by the software) is, “What are some of the different ways eDiscovery offerings are priced?

This particular blog entry examines some of the different ways consulting firms price their eDiscovery services and Huron Consulting’s new (or new in 2007) pay-per-page offering V3locity.  Again, what exactly sparked the heightened in this blog on DCIG’s site in 2012 is unclear but we attribute it to the growing concern that organizations have about the costs associated with managing Big Data.

#1 – Prerequisites for Introducing All-in-One Computing into Enterprise IT (link). Jerome Wendt. This marks the second consecutive year that this blog entry came in #1 on DCIG’s website as its most read blog entry. More enterprises are looking to simplify IT but doing so requires products that come with a comprehensive list of features that can scale to meet the particular needs of their applications (availability, capacity, performance, reliability support) without becoming too complex or cumbersome to manage. This blog entry remains particularly relevant in today’s era of cloud storage and cloud computing where enterprises want easy to manage yet flexible and cost-effective storage solutions.

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