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DCIG 2014-15 Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide Now Available

DCIG is pleased to announce the availability of its DCIG 2014-15 Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide that weights, scores and ranks over 100 features on 47 different deduplicating backup appliances from 10 different providers. This Buyer’s Guide provides the critical information that all size organizations need when selecting deduplicating backup appliances to protect environments ranging from remote offices to enterprise data centers.


Deduplication is a proven data reduction technology that removes redundant data by only storing one copy of unique data. Reducing storage consumption by up to 20X or more, everyone from small businesses to enterprise data centers benefits through lower storage costs, shortened backup windows and improved backup success rates.

The plug-and-play nature of deduplicating backup appliances has contributed to their success as these appliances quickly and easily fit into almost any size corporate network. They also help organizations better keep up with their ever increasing amounts of production data as they finally have a solution that gives them a means to control the large volumes of backup data that all of this production data generates. This has led to the rapid adoption of these appliances and them becoming a mainstay in many data centers with organizations now spending upwards of $2 billion annually on purpose built backup appliances such as these.

The continuing adoption of these appliances in both small and large organizations is contributing to ongoing innovation in deduplicating backup appliances. Vendors have revamped their product lines by introducing new appliances that are faster, more scalable, more versatile and less expensive. Consider:

  • EMC has reintroduced into its Data Domain line the capability to detach a controller from the backup storage so that existing storage shelves can be used with new controllers.
  • Quantum has simplified its lineup and now only sells a single system into enterprise shops and another line for midrange backup.
  • Dell, HP and Quantum have made their deduplicating backup appliances available as virtual appliances. These typically operate in tandem with their hardware counterparts and provide organizations the option to put a virtual deduplicating backup appliance into highly virtualized small and remote offices without needing to deploy a physical hardware appliance.

It is in this context that DCIG presents its DCIG 2014-15 Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide. As prior Buyer’s Guides have done, it puts at the fingertips of organizations a comprehen­sive list of deduplicating backup appliances and the features they offer in the form of detailed, standardized data sheets that can assist them in this important buying decision.

The DCIG 2014-15 Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide accomplishes the following objectives:

  • Provides an objective, third party evaluation of deduplicating backup appliances that evaluates and scores their features from an end user’s perspective.
  • Scores and ranks the features of each deduplicating backup appliance based upon the criteria that matter most to end users and then presents these results in an easy to understand tables that displays the products’ scores and rankings so they can quickly ascertain which deduplicating backup appliance is the most appropri­ate for their needs.
  • Provides a standardized data sheet for each of the 49 deduplicating backup appliances from 10 different providers so users may do quick comparisons of the features that are supported and not supported on each product.
  • Gives any organization a solid foundation for getting competitive bids from different deduplicating backup appliance providers that are based on “apples-to-apples” comparisons.

The DCIG 2014-15 Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide Top solutions include (in alphabetical order): EMC Data Domain 7200, 4500 and 990; HP StoreOnce 6500, Quantum DXi8500, 6900, and 6802; and NEC HYDRAstor HS8-4104R-7920, HS8-4006R-720, and HS8-4002S-192.

HP StoreOnce 6500 earned the “Best-in-Class” ranking for the first time. Having revamped its product line over the past year, HP has set a high standard with its flagship StoreOnce 6500 backup appliance to which others are now compared.  Others vying for the top included Quantum, with its revamped product line, and NEC where, through a combination of hybrid and storage nodes, its HYDRAstor HS8-4000 lines can scale to a massive 7.9PB in backup storage capacity. However it was through its combination of deduplication, hardware, management and support capabilities that the HP StoreOnce 6500 came out on top.

In doing its research for this Buyer’s Guide, DCIG uncovered some interesting statistics about deduplicating backup appliances in general:

  • All systems compress data after it is deduplicated.
  • 100% offer backup acceleration software. Support for Symantec OST was the most prevalent though others offer support for Accent, AIR and Dell’s Rapid Data Access (RDA).
  • All deduplicating backup appliances deduplicate incoming data while concurrently replicating to another system.
  • Almost all bundle deduplication technology with their backup appliance at no extra charge.

As with prior DCIG Buyer’s Guides, it accomplishes the following objectives for end users:

  • Lists each deduplicating backup appliance by vendor
  • Lists out features of each deduplicating backup appliance showing key features supported or not supported
  • Scores the features most relevant to end users
  • Provides “at a glance” reference for companies evaluating specific deduplicating backup appliances or their features
  • Provides a deduplicating backup appliance ranking showing how products compare against similar products on the market
  • Offers recommendations as to which deduplicating backup appliance rankings and products best align with their specific backup objectives
  • Provides 47 deduplicating backup appliance data sheets from 10 different vendors so organizations may compare solutions from one or many technology providers.
  • Facilitates and accelerates the process of organizations obtaining bids on competitive products

The DCIG 2014-15 Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide is immediately available. Subscribing users of the DCIG Analysis Portal may access and download the Guide by following this link. Individuals who have not yet subscribed to the DCIG Analysis Portal may test drive the DCIG Analysis Portal for 30 days as well as download this Guide by following this link.

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