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Enterprise Storage Body of Research Now Available through DCIG Analysis Portal

Organizations often struggle to match the availability, budgetary, capacity, and performance needs of their applications and data to the enterprise storage array that best aligns with their needs. Even assuming an organization takes time to document their internal business and technical requirements, they lack any efficient, effective means to translate this information into an informed, educated decision as to which storage array best meets their requirements.

To help organizations evaluate available enterprise storage arrays and make informed decisions about the most appropriate array for their needs, DCIG is pleased to announce the availability of its body of research into enterprise storage arrays. DCIG’s body of research into enterprise storage arrays, presented and made available through its Analysis Portal, directly addresses this specific challenge that organizations routinely encounter when buying storage arrays.


The DCIG body of research into enterprise storage arrays provides detailed information on over 100 enterprise storage arrays from dozens of storage array providers including, but not limited to:

  • AMI StorTrends
  • Dell Technologies
  • Fujitsu
  • HDS
  • HPE
  • IBM
  • iXsystems
  • NEC
  • NetApp
  • Nexsan
  • Pivot3
  • Tegile

The DCIG enterprise storage array body of research includes detailed hardware and software product information on multiple models (where applicable) from each of these providers. All the information in this body of research is based upon publicly available data, data provided to DCIG by the vendor, and/or the personal knowledge of the DCIG analysts that collected and evaluated the data.

Using the DCIG Analysis Portal, users may self-select the features that match their requirements. The result of these selections is a short list of products that match their particular requirements. Organizations may even further refine this short list by removing weightings for any hardware or software features that they may not need in their environment in order to arrive at an even shorter list that closely matches their environment.

Other tools available through the DCIG Analysis Portal enable an organization to quickly produce comprehensive side-by-side feature comparisons of the products on their short lists. DCIG Analysis Portal users also have access to DCIG analysis of various market segments by downloading DCIG’s published Buyer’s Guides.

The availability of DCIG’s body of research into enterprise storage arrays, coupled with the ability to quickly self-select the features that are ‘must-haves’ in an organization’s environment, changes the dynamic of how organizations can make these important buying decisions. Organizations now have better, more comprehensive, and more objective information at their fingertips than the vendors with whom they routinely engage. This puts organizations in a better position to make an informed product selection and provides a solid foundation for negotiating product purchases.

DCIG analysts use the capabilities of the DCIG Analysis Portal to produce multiple Buyer’s Guide Editions from a single body of research. The recently released DCIG 2016-17 Midmarket Enterprise Storage Array Buyer’s Guide is based on the enterprise storage array body of research. Each array included in this Buyer’s Guide had to meet the following criteria:

  • Must support one or more block-based (SAN) storage protocols
  • Maximum raw capacity of no more than 500 TB

By using the DCIG Analysis Portal and applying these two criteria to its body of research into enterprise storage arrays, DCIG analysts were able to quickly create a short list of products that meet these requirements which was then, in turn, used to create a Buyer’s Guide Edition to publish and release. DCIG plans to use this same process to create future Buyer’s Guide Editions that examine high end and midrange unified storage arrays, among others.

DCIG’s body of research into enterprise storage arrays is available immediately to subscribing users of the DCIG Analysis Portal at https://portal.dcig.com. End users new to the DCIG Analysis Portal may register using this link. Technology manufacturers and resellers will need to pay a fee to access the assets available though the DCIG Analysis Portal. Please contact DCIG at sales@www.dcig.com or call 844.324.4552 (844.DCIGLLC) to subscribe.

Jerome M. Wendt

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President & Founder of DCIG, LLC Jerome Wendt is the President and Founder of DCIG, LLC., an independent storage analyst and consulting firm. Mr. Wendt founded the company in November 2007.

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