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Separate Myth from Reality Using the DCIG Competitive Research Services

By September 19, 2016 Buyer's Guides, DCIG

Anyone who has ever to make a product choice that involves tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars knows that one of the more challenging aspects at the conclusion of the process is separating product fact from fiction. Often, the closer an organization gets to finalizing its buying decision, the more aggressive the competing vendors become in spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) to discredit the products and/or services of the other vendors. Using DCIG’s Competitive Research services, organizations may gain access to the critical data that they need to help separate myth from reality to reach a proper conclusion.


On the surface, one might assume that choosing a specific product based on its technical merits would be a fairly straightforward process. One merely needs to:

  1. Gather the data sheets from the respective products being considered
  2. Evaluate the product features
  3. Compare them to your specific requirements
  4. Select the product that most closely aligns with your organization’s technical and budgetary requirements.

Sounds simple, right?

While this process might hold true for products that cost a few thousand dollars, as soon as the price tag climbs into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and certainly into the millions of dollars, everything comes into question. Each supported product feature comes under intense scrutiny as the competing vendors may call into question:

  • How well a competitor’s product feature works
  • How robust the feature is
  • Under what conditions the feature may work or not work

This questions and concerns can leave organizations questioning the reliability of their data and how to best proceed to distinguish myth from reality.

DCIG’s new Competitive Research offering addresses this common problem that organizations face. DCIG already gathers and presents much of the base line information that organizations need to do an initial product assessment in the Buyer’s Guides that DCIG publishes. However, the DCIG Competitive Research complements these Buyer’s Guides by providing organizations with the in-depth, technical, and more subjective information and commentary that they need to help them separate myth from reality.

Using the DCIG Competitive Research services, any organization may engage with DCIG analysts to assist them in creating internal reports that separate fact from fiction. The reference sheets list the specific features from each product that may have been called into question by competitors along with commentary from DCIG. For example, DCIG commentary may confirm the accuracy of these allegations and/or provide counter points to help organizations feel confident about the accuracy of the data which they may need to make a decision.

DCIG works on your behalf to establish the veracity of these competitive claims so when you make a product decision, you have the most appropriate information at your fingertips. DCIG delivers its findings to your company under non-disclosure to provide your organization with the data it needs to make the best possible decision by equipping it to sort reality from myth.

If you are ready to start making better, more informed buying decisions when you can rely upon a third party to help you sort reality from myth when making buying decisions, feel free to reach out to DCIG at sales@www.dcig.com. All DCIG reports are prepared quickly and delivered in a timely manner and include the specific information that your organization needs to make an informed decision based on the most up to date information available as opposed to relying upon myths that are too easily disseminated in the market place.

Jerome M. Wendt

About Jerome M. Wendt

President & Founder of DCIG, LLC Jerome Wendt is the President and Founder of DCIG, LLC., an independent storage analyst and consulting firm. Mr. Wendt founded the company in November 2007.

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