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Evan Francen

Two Simple Steps to Detecting and Responding to a Credit Card Breach

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The recent credit card breach at Target has left many consumers feeling powerless to control what retailers do with the information that they collect. While standards such as the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) govern how credit card information is managed and secured by retailers, consumers should always remain vigilant and expect a breach to happen sooner or later. Since individuals cannot prevent a breach from happening there are two simple steps they can take to detect if their credit card information has been compromised and then appropriately respond to it. Detection  Individuals should always look through their account statements. Banks and card issuers already do a pretty good job of monitoring credit and debit accounts and detecting fraud and alerting individuals when such fraud is detected. Still, it is worthwhile to find a security news outlet or two and subscribe to their news feeds as they may bring a credit card breach to your attention before your financial…

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Target Breach FAQs: Target May be the Most Secure Place on Planet to Use Your Credit Card Right Now

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There have been many conflicting stories and there’s been plenty of advice given by information security and cybersecurity “experts” since the story first broke on December 18th. FRSecure has put together this series of frequently asked questions to help set the record straight as it is tired and disappointed by many of the so called “experts” and fear mongers. Date of Occurrence  November 27th – December 15th, 2013 Who does this affect?  According to all credible reports, the breach affects people who used their credit and/or debit cards in store between November 27th and December 15th, 2013. Who is not affected? The breach does not appear to affect online purchases or customers who only made online purchases. How many credit and debit cards were affected?  Current and credible reports put the number at more than 40 million. Is this the largest credit/debit card breach in U.S. history? No. This looks like the 3rd largest in terms of number of accounts affected. The…

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