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James Koopmann

Backing up an Oracle Database – Putting Vendor Backup Software Solutions Under the Microscope

By | Data Protection, DCIG | No Comments

Backing up an Oracle database used to be the sole responsibility of database administrators. This mundane task was often performed in the back alleys of corporate IT, not gaining much notoriety, and as such was often considered to be an easy task for DBAs. The truth of the matter is that backing up an Oracle database has gone through many changes in the last 30 years and has always been met with some uncertainty.

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Solix ExAPPS Brings New Relief to Application Retirement Anxiety

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Considering that many enterprise organizations have numerous applications spread across many server platforms with numerous database servers on the backend, the value of decommissioning these application servers quickly becomes evident. However application retirements go beyond just the hardware and software costs. Maintaining and managing the infrastructures needed to support legacy applications takes expertise, often specialists.

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COPAN Systems tops the news

By | Data Management, DCIG, Disaster Recovery, Inmage, Virtualization | No Comments

On top of the storage news this week we saw the demise of COPAN Systems; or did we? It really isn’t quite clear as to what has been going on over at COPAN as we have yet to get any confirmation from within the industry. Bill Mottram, a managing partner at Veridictus Associates, and fellow Coloradan such as myself, was unable to contact the Colorado company for comment. Concrete information is hard to find regarding COPAN but we were able to put a few pieces together from across the social sphere:

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One Service Provider Says Goodbye to FC Disk Drives And Hello to ATA for its Oracle Production Workloads

By | HP Storage | No Comments

The question of FC or ATA disk is now a moot point as 3PAR makes use of, and has for a while, a FC-to-SATA bridge that enables high-capacity ATA drives to be integrated into its storage arrays that provides customers like CEDAR a low-cost but highly available storage infrastructure for even the most demanding application loads.

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Are We Really Ready for Deduplication of Databases on Primary Storage? I Still Say No

By | HP Storage | No Comments

Again, I have nothing against deduplication when used appropriately and other factors are uncontrollable. But in a properly architected database I am still skeptical about the fit. Databases are just too dynamic with temporary sort, rollback, and redo areas and high transaction rates that make me question what there could possibly be to dedup in the first place.

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HP Versus Dell: It’s Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

By | Bell Micro HP OEM | One Comment

This blog entry contains a series of questions DCIG posed to Andy Johnson, OEM Product Manager at Bell Micro. Andy maintains a business development role for Bell Micro and has responsibility for Bell Micro’s branded solutions with a strong focus on Bell Micro’s HP relationship. In this interview, Andy gives us insight into how Bell Micro is working with HP to satisfy the OEM market and in particular how Bell Micro and HP provide solutions that differentiate it from the competition.

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Driving Down Development Costs Calls for A New Model Based on End-to-End Linux Support

By | Bell Micro HP OEM | No Comments

One can hardly argue against the success of Linux. User and developer communities such as The Linux Foundation and The Linux Developer Network attest to the success and steadily increasing set of robust development tools and user communities. And while Linux is still free, many large distributors, companies such as Dell, IBM, HP, and Sun Microsystems, have latched onto its benefits by creating business models that support selling, supporting and contributing to the Linux free software and open source initiatives.

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Email–Not Just Communication But a Legal Document of Record

By | Estorian Looking Glass | 2 Comments

While we may think of email applications as a communication tool, the formal definition of what constitutes an individual email is changing. Regardless of an email’s folder location, intent, or status, email is a vital piece of corporate electronic information and no different than any other document. Email is now much more than just a communication mechanism but a legal document of record that can be used to an organization’s advantage.

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Five Good Reasons to Keep Using Tape

By | Overland Storage | One Comment

The use of tape as a primary target for backup has changed over the years. The onslaught of low-cost, disk-to-disk based backup solutions coupled with the many problems associated with using tape as a primary target has rightfully enticed many data centers not to use tape in that capacity. But that does not mean there is no requirement to use tape within the data center.

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Can Better Storage Systems Leave You Breathing Cleaner Air?

By | HP Storage | One Comment

Regardless of your individual opinion on eco-awareness, we can all agree that cutting power consumption is a good idea as not only is conservation good for our future generations, it just makes good business sense to reduced power and cooling costs. The caveat here is that organizations need to keep pace with growing storage needs as well as deploying powerful systems that deliver sufficiently high levels of performance as organizations still want more power, just not always the power consumption that goes along with the systems.

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Dynamic, Agile Infrastructures are Key to Picking Today’s MSPs

By | HP Storage | No Comments

Organizations have learned that the benefits of piece of mind, simplified operations and lower TCO that MSPs can offer are too good to pass up. By taking much of the burden of application maintenance and management off of internal IT resources, organizations can focus on more strategic initiatives that will help them respond more quickly to market opportunities and grow the business.

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Overland Re-Affirms Commitment to Tape; Midrange Tape Market Still a $1.3 Billion Industry

By | Overland Storage | No Comments

The use of tape as a primary target for backup has supposedly changed in large part due to the onslaught of new disk-based backup solutions with many features that are enticing data centers to change course. One could even say that vendors and analysts have abandoned tape for greener pastures by seeking to associate themselves with disk’s sexier features–all the while forgetting about tape’s evolving role within the data center.

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