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ZL Technologies Brings Virtual Scale-out to Enterprise Archiving and eDiscovery

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One of the most exciting and terrifying times in the lifecycle of a company is transitioning from a small to mid-range or mid-range to enterprise sized company. Well led companies that survive those transitions have often been planning for the occasion for some time. The longer they have been planning the more likely they’ve become aware of the need for long term archiving. Of everything.

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LegalTech Recap: Big Data, ECA, Enterprise Dropbox and Cocktail Party

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DCIG attended LegalTech New York January 30th thru February 1st, 2012. The conference was well attended by legal professionals, consultants, and vendors. While meeting with them a few opportunities stood out as compelling: Mobile device handshake, Four Rules of Early Data Assessment, Enterprise Versions of box.com and dropbox.com, THE Best LegalTech Cocktail Party

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Four Data Protection and Storage Trends for 2012

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About a month ago I started to put some thought and research into what might emerge as the top trends of 2012 by keeping a notebook next to my keyboard so as ideas struck me I could jot them down. Now as I look at the four trends that made today’s short list, they ended up being on the surface ones that I hear, write and talk about every day.

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Information Governance: The Proactive Approach

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You hear the words and phrases repeated in legal offices, data centers, break rooms, and boardrooms: liability, indemnity, retention, regulators, act of discovery, compliance. The discomforting sound of Information Governance contains echoes of cost, complexity, inconvenience, and potential penalties.

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Liability Insurance Drives Information Management Plans, not eDiscovery or Monetary Sanctions

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On average most mid-sized companies are not bothering with Information Management as a means to mitigate e-discovery costs. That is a conclusion reached by comparing Symantec’s 2011 Information Retention and eDiscovery Survey announced in October 2011 with the research completed by King and Spalding, LLP for the Duke Law Journal December 2010.

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Spectra Logic Answers Tough Questions Regarding Tape’s Relevancy Going Forward

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Everyone asks, “Is tape dead?” Personally, I think that question is ridiculous. There will always be a demand for tape. The better question is, “How is the tape industry evolving to ensure tape remains relevant as a solution to address current technology trends such as “Big Data,” “the Cloud” and virtualization?” This is the more pressing question regarding tape’s future to which Spectra Logic provided some excellent answers this past week at its first ever analyst and press event.

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DCIG 2012 Buyer’s Guide Calendar

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Over the past 15 or so months DCIG has released a multitude of Buyer’s Guides on topics ranging from Midrange Arrays to Virtual Server Backup Software to Small Enterprise Storage Arrays to Midrange Array Snapshot Software. As DCIG has done so, it has learned a great deal about what it has done right and areas where it can improve. But the general feedback is that the Buyer’s Guides provide users valuable insight into different technologies and help them understand the market landscape. So today DCIG is announcing the topics for its Buyer’s Guides that it plans to release for the remainder of 2011 and the first half of 2012.

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Tape’s Rebirth May Be Here But It Still Has Some Growing Up to Do

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To say that tape is currently viewed as a strategic initiative in most organizations could at best be described as optimistic and at worst a fabrication. But the continuing growth of rich media (social media in particular) and unstructured file data, much of which appears to be destined for the cloud, are creating an unprecedented demand for economical back end storage on which to store it. Tape is now better poised to become that storage media of choice but it still has a lot of growing up to do in order to gain broad market acceptance.

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Innovation is Only Part of What is Driving the Renewed Interest in Tape

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Yesterday the first ever Tape Summit kicked off at the Sunset Station Hotel and Casino in Henderson, NV, which is about 15 miles southeast of the Las Vegas strip. The opening night began with a keynote by Spectra Logic’s VP of Marketing, Molly Rector, who cited a recent article by Storage Switzerland’s George Crump where he said (paraphrasing) that what is saving tape is the same thing that saved Apple: innovation. I agree with his sentiments in part but I see innovation as only part of what is spurring tape’s growth.

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A Discourse on How to Automatically, Cost-effectively and Safely End VM Sprawl

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This past week I have been in Palo Alto, CA, attending the ExecEvent. The focus of the ExecEvent is to facilitate conversations and meetings between storage industry executives, analysts and press who are there primarily to explore new ways that they can work together and partner on initiatives. It was during this event that a group of us had an interesting conversation on how to automatically, cost-effectively and safely manage virtual machine (VM) sprawl.

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LTO-5 with LTFS Gives Tape a New Lease on Life

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It is funny how this industry changes almost from week to week. Sometimes there is so much activity going on you do not even know where to start. Other times (like during holiday shortened weeks such as this one), it is difficult to find anything really noteworthy to write about. In light of the fact that this week was a bit quiet from a news perspective, I wanted to reflect on some innovation occurring in the area of LTO-5 tape and how this might lead to a renewed interest in tape media in the years to come.

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The Four Trends Driving the Move Towards an Information Centric World

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Upon arriving at Symantec Vision on Wednesday morning, it quickly became evident that the messaging at this year’s event focused on how the business world is shifting from a Systems-Centric View (policies and governance is done according to the physical devices on which they reside such as servers, networking and storage) of data management to an Information Centric View (policies and governance are set independent of what storage device on which the data resides).

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STEC’s Demise is Greatly Exaggerated; SEPATON Survey Finds Data Growth Rates Slowing

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Maybe it is just me but 2010 has, up until now, seemed pretty slow on the news front. Or maybe it is just that much of the news released did not really pique my interest. Regardless, the last two weeks a number of news items jumped out at me that I wanted to spend a little time commenting on today in my weekly Friday recap blog.

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Subtle Storage Trends for 2010

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Right now on Yahoo finance it is counting down what it considers the top 10 tech trends for 2010. However some of the trends that it is including in its top 10 are so broad in their definition that when it lists ‘Data Centers’ as its #2 trend and then identifies nearly every technology company in the space as being part of this trend, you have to question just how real this trend is? The list of what I consider the more subtle storage trends of 2010 will be a bit more specific in terms of what features, products, services and/or vendor alliances are taking place that support these theories.

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Top 10 Most Read DCIG Blogs of 2009 Irrespective of Publication Date

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Last week’s blog took a look at the 10 most read blogs in 2009 that were written in 2009. This week I wanted to step even further back and reflect upon the top 10 most read blogs in 2009 regardless of when they were written as I find this insightful in two ways. It lets me know what information continues to hold the attention of readers on as well as what topics from the past might become new trends in 2010. So while there is definitely some overlap between the two, there are also some entries that appear on this list that knock some of the top 10 blogs from last week off the list.

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Top 10 DCIG Blogs of 2009 Written in 2009

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This is one of my favorite blogs of the year to write. Even though this is only the second time since DCIG launched its blogging site two years ago that I have had the opportunity to write a blog in this format, I have been looking forward to looking back all year. In case you have not yet figured it out, today I take a look back at the top 10 most read blogs in 2009 on the DCIG site. However this year I am doing a two part series with today’s blog examining the 10 most read blogs in 2009 that were written in 2009.

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CommVault Hints at Coming Dell-CommVault Cloud Storage Offering; Tyco Electronics Finds CommVault’s Real Advantage

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This week I am going to hearken back to a conference call that took place a couple of weeks ago on the morning of November 3, 2009. This is a new quarterly conference call that CommVault is sponsoring. This particular call was hosted by its Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, David West and was intended to provide some insight into CommVault’s Q209 successes. But, to my surprise, Tyco Electronics’ Scott Zeiders who heads its UNIX Tech Support, also joined the call and commented on Tyco’s experiences with implementing CommVault® Simpana®.

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Imation Gets Inside Track on LTO-5; Cloud Storage Comes with Strings Attached

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Two topics – really on opposite ends of the storage spectrum – captured my attention this week. The first had to do with an announcement that Imation made this past Wednesday regarding it being the first and only company currently licensed to manufacture LTO-5 tape media. The other had to do with cloud storage and some of the conversations that I continued to have with various providers in terms of how ready (or not ready) cloud storage is for prime time.

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It is Too Soon to Proclaim Cloud Storage Ready for the Main Stream

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Weekly I try to do a recap of what was on my mind this during the past week and this week cloud storage garnered my attention. Deduplication may be the BIG thing in storage right now but cloud storage is rapidly gaining momentum and looks to be the next big thing in storage sooner rather than later. But when I speak to cloud storage providers that are virtualizing cloud storage offerings from other providers, it tells me that cloud storage has a ways to go before it can be officially proclaimed ready for the main stream.

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6000+ Customers Prove Optical Isn’t Dead Yet; Alliance Resurrects Plasmon

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Last fall Plasmon and its UDO technology and G-Series optical libraries appeared all but left for dead. Years of mismanagement had left Plasmon in dire financial straits and when a refinancing deal in the fall of 2008 for $20 million led by Plasmon’s-then CEO Stephen Murphy fell apart in the midst of the worldwide credit crunch, Plasmon’s end was imminent. It was only after Plasmon went into receivership in early 2009 that Alliance Storage Technologies, led by its CEO and President Chris Carr (himself a former Plasmon engineer), entered the scene and breathed new life into this dead and dying company.

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