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SaaS Provider Pulls Back the Curtain on its Backup Experience with Cohesity; Interview with System Architect, Fidel Michieli, Part 3

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Usually when I talk to backup and system administrators, they willingly talk about how great a product installation was. But it then becomes almost impossible to find anyone who wants to comment about what life is like after their backup appliance is installed. This blog entry represents a bit of anomaly in that someone willingly pulled back the curtain on what their experience was like after they had the appliance installed. In this third installment in my interview series with system architect, Fidel Michieli, describes how the implementation of Cohesity went in his environment and how Cohesity responded to issues that arose.

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If We Cannot Scale Our Backup Solution, We Die; Interview with SaaS Provider System Architect Fidel Michieli, Part I

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Every year at VMworld I have conversations that broaden my understanding and appreciation for new products on the market. This year was no exception as I had the opportunity to talk at length with Fidel Michieli, a System Architect at a SaaS provider, who shared his experiences with me about his challenges with backup and recovery and how he came to choose Cohesity. In this first installment in my interview series with Fidel, he shared the challenges that his company was facing with his existing backup configuration as well as the struggles that he had in identifying a backup solution that scaled to meet his dynamically changing and growing environment.

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Dell NetVault and vRanger are Alive and Kicking; Interview with Dell’s Michael Grant, Part 3

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Every now and then I hear rumors in the market place that the only backup software product that Dell puts any investment into is Dell Data Protection | Rapid Recovery while it lets NetVault and vRanger wither on the vine. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this third and final part of my interview series with Michael Grant, director of data protection product marketing for Dell’s systems and information management group, he refutes those rumors and illustrates how both the NetVault and vRanger products are alive and kicking within Dell’s software portfolio.

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3 Questions Small and Midsized Enterprises Should Ask to Choose the Right Cloud Hosting Provider

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Organizations of all sizes now look to host some or all of their applications with cloud hosting providers and for good reason.Yet organizations should not assume all cloud hosting providers are created equal. If anything, small and midsized enterprises (SMEs) may be particularly susceptible and even find themselves unnecessarily exposed to unexpected outages or extended periods of downtime if they do not carefully choose their cloud hosting provider.

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Expanded Use Cases for Hybrid Cloud Backup Appliances

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Viewing hybrid cloud backup appliances strictly in the context of “backup and recovery” is a mindset that organizations must strive to overcome. While these appliances certainly fulfill this traditional role, new use cases are constantly emerging for these appliances. Hybrid cloud backup appliance have now matured to the point where organizations may use them in multiple roles besides just backup.

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The Dell DL4300 Puts the Type of Thrills into Backup and Recovery that Organizations Really Want

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Organizations have long wanted to experience the thrills of non-disruptive backups and instant application recoveries. Yet the solutions delivered to date have largely been the exact opposite offering only unwanted backup pain with very few of the types of recovery thrills that organizations truly desire. The new Dell DL4300 Backup and Recovery Appliance successfully takes the pain out of daily backup and puts the right types of thrills into the backup and recovery experience.

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The Imperative to Move Ahead with Next Gen Backup and Recovery Tools; Interview with Dell Software’s General Manager, Data Protection, Brett Roscoe Part II

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New technology always sounds great on the surface. However the ramifications of implementing and then managing it can be daunting, intimidating or both. Yet in the case of next generation backup and recovery tools, the improvements it provides over traditional backup can be so dramatic that NOT adopting and implementing them out is worse than trying to make existing backup software work in today’s virtualized, real-time environments. In this second installment of my interview series with Dell Software’s General Manager, Data Protection, Brett Roscoe, we discuss why it is imperative organizations move ahead with next generation backup and recovery tools.

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When it Comes to Backup, the Smart Money is on Rapid Reliable Recovery; Interview with StorageCraft’s Chief Evangelist Matt Urmston, Part 3

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Matt Urmston, StorageCraft’s Chief Evangelist and Director of Product Management, has worked in a variety of roles in backup, archiving, data recovery and high availability. In this third blog entry of this interview series, Matt emphasizes that StorageCraft’s value is in the recovery process–getting systems back online quickly and efficiently, and having that work every time.

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The Cloud, Deduplication and Replication are Must-Have Features on Backup Appliances; Interview with STORServer President Bill Smoldt, Part III

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There is backup and then there is backup. To meet the backup and recovery needs of today’s organizations, they need to verify that the selected backup appliance includes the features needed to protect their environment today and positions them to meet their needs into the foreseeable future. In this third installment of DCIG’s interview with STORServer President Bill Smoldt, he describes the new must-have features that backup appliances must offer.

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StorageCraft Gets a Headstart on the Competition by Enabling Recovery in Minutes Instead of Hours; Interview with StorageCraft’s Chief Evangelist Matt Urmston, Part 2

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Companies all want more reliable backup and recovery, with short recovery times when things go awry. In part II of this interview series with StorageCraft’s Chief Evangelist Matt Urmstom, we expand on how StorageCraft uses StorageCraft ImageManager and StorageCraft Headstart Restore technology to provide a full DR solution that can offer recovery in as little as five minutes, and also how ShadowProtect performs equally well in physical and virtual environments.

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Eliminating the Dreaded Blue Screen of Death from the Recovery Process; Interview with StorageCraft’s Chief Evangelist Matt Urmston, Part 1

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The one screen that no system admin ever wants to see is the dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD), especially when doing a recovery. Yet when recovering an application on a different hardware platform, BSODs become a distinct possibility. In this first installment of DCIG’s executive interview with StorageCraft’s Chief Evangelist, Matt Urmston, he explains the features that ShadowProtect offers to minimize or even eliminate the possibility of users encountering BSODs when conducting a recovery.

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VMware Takes Big Step Up in Virtual Server Backup with VDP Advanced 5.5

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VMware recently announced the enhancement of its VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP) Advanced product at the European edition of VMworld. The features and developments included in the 5.5 release decisively provide a robust backup and recovery package for SMBs, both on the high and low end, while becoming a viable alternative for enterprises looking to protect remote datacenters and office locations.

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DCIG 2013 High Availability and Clustering Software Buyer’s Guide Now Available

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DCIG is pleased to announce the availability of its DCIG 2013 High Availability and Clustering Software Buyer’s Guide that weights, scores and ranks over 60 features on 13 different software solutions from 10 different software providers. This Buyer’s Guide provides the critical information that all size organizations need when selecting high availability (HA) and clustering software for applications running in their physical or virtual environments.

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BC, DR and Compliance Driving Cloud Service Provider Convergence; Interview with AIS VP of Network Engineering Steve Wallace Part I

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A convergence is happening in the cloud service provider space. More cloud-based archive and backup providers are evolving to account for transactional/production data while managed service providers want to extend their reach into the archival/backup space. One company at the forefront of this convergence is cloud service provider American Internet Services (AIS). Today I talk with AIS’s VP of Network Engineering, Steve Wallace, about how this convergence is impacting cloud service providers in general and AIS specifically.

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CDP Finding a New Home in the Next Frontier of Data Protection: Managed Service Providers and Social Media

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Ever since continuous data protection (CDP) was introduced nearly a decade ago, it has largely been a technology looking for a problem to solve. However in the last few years it is finding a home in the most unlikely of places – social media websites. But maybe what is most interesting is that little known R1Soft CDP has emerged as the early and widely recognized leader in this space.

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Three Reasons Why the Traditional Approach to Backup Persists

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A couple of weeks ago I was getting a briefing on Atempo Live Navigator regarding its deduplication and near-CDP features that are specifically targeted for desktops, laptops and file servers. But since that conversation, it struck me that CDP and near-CDP technologies have been around for years which got me to thinking. Why is it that traditional approaches to backup persist even as arguably better approaches to data protection such as CDP and near-CDP struggle to get traction?

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Compellent CEO Phil Soran Talks about Its Glorious Past, Its Uncomfortable Present and What’s Next

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This week I am spending a couple of days at Compellent’s annual C-Drive conference in Minneapolis, MN where about 500 users, value added resellers (VARs) and Compellent sales reps are in attendance. Since a couple of years have passed since I attended the last one, I thought I would make the 6-hour drive from Omaha to Minneapolis to catch up on the latest going-ons with Compellent and gain some insight as to how they plan to recoup after their latest earnings stumble.

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HDS Takes the ‘White Gloves’ Off as it Launches New Strategy to Expedite and Simplify Data Migrations

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The new relationship that Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) struck with InMage Systems to use InMage about three months ago had a number of immediate ramifications. It provided HDS with a new heterogeneous replication option that it could use across its own storage systems; it made HDS more competitive in customer accounts where it did not traditionally have a foothold and it provided an entrée for HDS into next generation data protection technologies for disaster recovery.

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