Too Many Fires, Poor Implementations, and Cost Overruns Impeding Broader Public Cloud Adoption

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DCIG’s analysts (myself included) have lately spent a great deal of time getting up close and personal on the capabilities of public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. We have also spent time talking to individuals deploying cloud solutions. As we have done so, we recognize that the capabilities of these cloud offerings should meet and exceed the expectations of most organizations regardless of their size. However, impeding their cloud adoption are three concerns that have little to do with the technical capabilities of these products.

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SimpliVity OmniStack 3.0 Illustrates Why Hyper-converged Infrastructures are Experiencing Hyper-Growth

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As the whole technology world (or at least those intimately involved with the enterprise data center space) takes a breath before diving head first into VMworld next week, a few vendors are jumping the gun and making product announcements in advance of it. One of those is SimpliVity which announced its latest hyper-converged offering, OmniStack 3.0, this past Wednesday. In so doing, it continues to put a spotlight on why hyper-converged infrastructures and the companies delivering them are experiencing hyper-growth even in a time of relative market and technology uncertainty.

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New Enterprise Application Market Place Apps Giving Custom Built and Commercial Software the Boot

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Many businesses either rely on in-house custom software or purchase and customize commercial software packages to meet their mission critical business needs. Unfortunately these approaches are failing to meet the needs of enterprises as they demand faster development and deployment times for these apps. To address that challenge, a new group of vendors in the cloud promises to improve these mediocre mission critical business processes by speeding up development/deployment cycles while reducing the total cost of ownership of enterprise applications.

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BC, DR and Compliance Driving Cloud Service Provider Convergence; Interview with AIS VP of Network Engineering Steve Wallace Part I

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A convergence is happening in the cloud service provider space. More cloud-based archive and backup providers are evolving to account for transactional/production data while managed service providers want to extend their reach into the archival/backup space. One company at the forefront of this convergence is cloud service provider American Internet Services (AIS). Today I talk with AIS’s VP of Network Engineering, Steve Wallace, about how this convergence is impacting cloud service providers in general and AIS specifically.

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Dell a Storage Company – Sure; Dell an Infrastructure Company – Absolutely

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Dell has made a number of acquisitions over the last few years as it seeks to transform into a storage company. But after attending Dell Storage Forum in Boston this past week it is evident that it is well down the path of becoming something far more compelling than just a “storage” company. It is on track to becoming an infrastructure company.

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