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Data Management

The Four (4) Behind-the-Scenes Forces that Drive Many of Today’s Technology Infrastructure Buying Decisions

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It is almost a given in today’s world that for almost any organization to operate at peak efficiency and achieve optimal results that it has to acquire and use multiple forms of technology as part of its business processes. However what is not always so clear is the forces that are at work both insider and outside of the business that drive its technology acquisitions. While by no means a complete list, here are four (4) forces that DCIG often sees at work behind the scenes that influence and drive many of today’s technology infrastructure buying decisions.

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HP StoreOnce Deduplicating Backup Appliances Put Organizations on Path to Ending Big Data Backup Headaches

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During the recent HP Deep Dive Analyst Event in its Fremont, CA, offices, HP shared some notable insights into the percentage of backup jobs that complete successfully (and unsuccessfully) within end-user organizations. Among its observations using the anonymized data gathered from hundreds of backup assessments at end-user organizations of all sizes, HP found that over 60% of them had backup job success rates of 98% or lower, with 12% of organizations showing backup success rates of lower than 90%. Yet what is more noteworthy is through HP’s use of Big Data analytics, it has identified large backups (those that take more than 12 hours to complete) as being the primary contributor to the backup headaches that organizations still experience.

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Advanced Encryption and VTL Features Give Organizations New Impetus to Use the Dell DR Series as their “One Stop Shop” Backup Target

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The closer any new solution comes to being non-disruptively introduced into existing organizational backup infrastructures, the greater the odds that the solution will succeed and be adopted more broadly. By Dell including FIPS 140-2 compliant 256-bit AES encryption and VTL features as part of its 3.2 OS release for its existing and new DR series of backup appliances at no charge, organizations have new options to introduce the DR Series appliances without disrupting their existing backup processes.

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Four New Features that Will Keep Backup Software “Sticky”

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Backup software has traditionally been one of the “stickiest” products in organizations of all sizes in art because it has been so painful to deploy and maintain that, once installed and sort of working, no organization wanted to subject itself to that process again. But in recent years as backup has become easier to install and maintain, swapping it out for another or consolidating multiple backup software solutions down to single one becomes much more plausible. This puts new impetus on backup software providers to introduce new features into their products to keep them relevant and “sticky” in their customer environments longer term.

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Software Fueling Dell’s Transformation to Solutions Provider; Interview with Dell Software’s General Manager, Data Protection, Brett Roscoe, Part VI

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Think “Dell” and you may think “PCs,” “servers,” or, even more broadly, “computer hardware.” If so, you are missing out on one of the biggest transformations going on among technology providers today as, over the last 5+ years, Dell has acquired multiple software companies and is using that intellectual property (IP) to drive its internal turnaround. In this sixth installment of my interview series with Brett Roscoe, General Manager, Data Protection for Dell Software, we discuss how these software acquisitions are fueling Dell’s transformation from a hardware provider into becoming a solutions provider.

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Answering The Question of Whether One Backup Product Can Do It All; Interview with Dell Software’s General Manager, Data Protection, Brett Roscoe Part V

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Data protection has evolved well beyond the point where one can backup and recover data doing once a day backups. Continuous data protection, array-based snapshots, asynchronous replication, high availability, disaster recovery, backup and recovery in the cloud and long term backup retention are now all part of managing backup. However, the real question becomes, “Can one product even manage all of these different facets of backup and recovery? Or should a backup solution even try to accomplish this feat?” In this fifth installment of my interview series with Brett Roscoe, General Manager, Data Protection for Dell Software, we discuss this very important question of whether one backup product can do it all in today’s data center.

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DCIG 2014-15 Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide Now Available

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DCIG is pleased to announce the availability of its DCIG 2014-15 Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide that weights, scores and ranks over 100 features on 47 different deduplicating backup appliances from 10 different providers. This Buyer’s Guide provides the critical information that all size organizations need when selecting deduplicating backup appliances to protect environments ranging from remote offices to enterprise data centers.

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Break Up or Make Up … Tech Companies Place Their Bets in 2014

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2014 may eventually come to be characterized as the year of the tech break up. Tech conglomerates such as CA Technologies, HP, IBM and, most recently, Symantec have all opted to go down the “break up” route while others such as Cisco and EMC continue to experience internal and external pressures to pursue this option. But as enterprises look to create more agile, automated, cohesive infrastructures, it may be ultimately leave those such as Dell and Oracle that are opting to “make up” best positioned to deliver on these enterprise demands.

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Virtual Backup Appliances Often Do NOT Make Sense Except in Small Environments; Interview with STORServer President Bill Smoldt, Part V

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Choosing the right backup appliance – physical or virtual – does not have to be complicated so long as an organization knows the right questions to ask and gathers the appropriate information. However, as organizations are gathering this information, most conclude that a virtual backup appliance is NOT the right answer in most circumstances. In this fifth and final installment of DCIG’s interview with STORServer President Bill Smoldt, he explains how to choose the most appropriate backup appliance for your environment and why a virtual backup appliance is probably not the choice you will be making.

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A Backup Appliance Designed to Stand the Test of Time; Interview with STORServer President Bill Smoldt, Part 2

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“The more things change, the more things stay they stay the same.” That nearly 200 year old French proverb still has relevance even in today’s modern technology era when one looks at today’s backup appliances and how they have both changed and stayed the same since coming on the scene a little over10 years ago. In this second installment of DCIG’s interview series with STORServer’s President, Bill Smoldt, he provides some insight into how backup appliances have evolved over the last decade as well as the features they must offer to stand the test of time.

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The Right Deduplication Method for the Right Data: Interview with Sepaton’s Director of Product Management, Peter Quirk, Part III

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Anyone who is close to backup recognizes that some types of data deduplicate better than others. However trying to translate that understanding of the environment into meaningful backup policies is almost impossible since it is both complicated and time consuming to successfully implement. Using the new Sepaton VirtuoSO platform, it is able to choose the best form of deduplication for each backup stream on the fly. In this third part of my interview series with Sepaton’s Director of Product Management, Peter Quirk, we discuss how its VirtuoSO platform detects the nature of incoming backup data and then automatically invokes the best deduplication method to deduplicate the data.

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Bringing Together the Best of Today’s and Yesterday’s Backup Technologies; Interview with Sepaton’s Director of Product Management, Peter Quirk, Part II

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A trend that DCIG is seeing among more new products being introduced into the enterprise space is the proclivity to use the best of what has been previously developed in the past and combining that with new technologies that meet the emerging requirements of today’s organizations. The new VirtuoSO offering from Sepaton reflects this broader industry trend. In this second part of my interview series with Sepaton’s Director of Product Management, Peter Quirk, we discuss what features Sepaton brought forward from its existing S2100 product line and what new features its VirtuoSO platform introduced.

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Canned Solutions are the Future of IT

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There will always be those organizations and individuals that will buy hardware and software at the lowest possible price, assemble these pieces themselves and then support the solution in production. But the time where organizations have to assemble the underlying components for key applications such as databases, email, file servers and now even backup has largely passed. In its stead, canned solutions such as appliances, converged infrastructures and reference architectures have emerged as the future of corporate IT.

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Databases and VMs Only Now Fully Leveraging Disk-based Backup Targets: Interview with Sepaton Director of Product Management Peter Quirk Part I

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Ever since using disk as a preferred backup target gained momentum in the late 2000’s, there have been those who opine that disk’s life in this role would be short lived. But those providers who deliver disk-based backup solutions and are betting their future on them see no slowdown in their adoption. In this first interview with Sepaton’s Director of Product Management, Peter Quick, we discuss how databases and virtual machines (VMs) are just beginning to take full advantage of the benefits that disk offers as a backup target.

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Software-Defined Solutions May Only Take Companies Back in Time

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2013 has become the year where discussions around software-defined data centers, networking and storage have gone mainstream. But when I talk with end-users from a number of organizations, they are somewhat scratching their head over why there is so much buzz over this technology. Most are looking to acquire and deploy technologies in their environments that are simpler to deploy and manage – not harder. As such, they sense these new software-defined solutions may only take them back in time to a place they do not want to be.

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CommVault and STORServer Poised to Deliver the Best Backup Appliance Experience Possible

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CommVault – the #1 solution in Virtual Server Backup Software. STORServer – the #1 solution in Backup Appliances. Putting these two together would, on paper, create a very powerful data management and protection solution for organizations. Now it is no longer on paper but “for real.” Today CommVault and STORServer jointly announce the availability of a new series of STORserver backup appliances powered by CommVault Simpana that are poised to deliver a better backup appliance experience for organizations.

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