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Four Best Practices for Implementing Next Gen Backup and Recovery; Interview with Dell Software’s General Manager, Data Protection, Brett Roscoe, Part III

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There are so many options available in today’s next generation of backup and recovery tools that sometimes it can be tough to prioritize which features to implement. In this third installment of my interview series with Dell Software’s General Manager, Data Protection, Brett Roscoe, we discuss four (4) best practices that organizations should prioritize as they implement next generation backup and recovery tools.

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When it Comes to Backup, the Smart Money is on Rapid Reliable Recovery; Interview with StorageCraft’s Chief Evangelist Matt Urmston, Part 3

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Matt Urmston, StorageCraft’s Chief Evangelist and Director of Product Management, has worked in a variety of roles in backup, archiving, data recovery and high availability. In this third blog entry of this interview series, Matt emphasizes that StorageCraft’s value is in the recovery process–getting systems back online quickly and efficiently, and having that work every time.

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Today it is Really All About the Integrated Solution

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As I attended sessions at Microsoft TechEd 2014 last week and talked with people in the exhibit hall a number of themes emerged including “mobile first, cloud first”, hybrid cloud, migration to the cloud, disaster recovery as a service, and flash memory storage as a game-changer in the data center. But as I reflect on the entire experience, a statement made John Loveall, Principal Program Manager for Microsoft Windows Server during one of his presentations sums up to overall message of the conference, “Today it is really all about the integrated solution.”

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StorageCraft Gets a Headstart on the Competition by Enabling Recovery in Minutes Instead of Hours; Interview with StorageCraft’s Chief Evangelist Matt Urmston, Part 2

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Companies all want more reliable backup and recovery, with short recovery times when things go awry. In part II of this interview series with StorageCraft’s Chief Evangelist Matt Urmstom, we expand on how StorageCraft uses StorageCraft ImageManager and StorageCraft Headstart Restore technology to provide a full DR solution that can offer recovery in as little as five minutes, and also how ShadowProtect performs equally well in physical and virtual environments.

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Eliminating the Dreaded Blue Screen of Death from the Recovery Process; Interview with StorageCraft’s Chief Evangelist Matt Urmston, Part 1

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The one screen that no system admin ever wants to see is the dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD), especially when doing a recovery. Yet when recovering an application on a different hardware platform, BSODs become a distinct possibility. In this first installment of DCIG’s executive interview with StorageCraft’s Chief Evangelist, Matt Urmston, he explains the features that ShadowProtect offers to minimize or even eliminate the possibility of users encountering BSODs when conducting a recovery.

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VMware Takes Big Step Up in Virtual Server Backup with VDP Advanced 5.5

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VMware recently announced the enhancement of its VMware vSphere Data Protection (VDP) Advanced product at the European edition of VMworld. The features and developments included in the 5.5 release decisively provide a robust backup and recovery package for SMBs, both on the high and low end, while becoming a viable alternative for enterprises looking to protect remote datacenters and office locations.

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PHD Virtual’s ReliableDR Adds DR Assurance, Subtracts Cost and Risk

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PHD Virtual’s recent acquisition of the ReliableDR product is a win for businesses stuck in a manual approach to disaster recovery (DR). PHD Virtual Backup already provides VMware environments with reliable backup, replication and recovery tools. ReliableDR adds service recovery testing against RPOs/RTOs and disaster recovery orchestration to enable businesses achieve what PHD Virtual calls “DR assurance”.

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Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath Exposes Shortcomings of Even the Best Laid Disaster Recovery Plans

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Everyone in the US and maybe in the world seems to know about the impact that Hurricane Sandy had on the Northeastern part of the United States. The scope of the devastation resulting from Hurricane Sandy is absolutely devastating with the aftermath of recovering from it almost more difficult than weathering the storm itself. If anything, Hurricane Sandy highlights just how difficult it is to plan for a disaster and the many different and unexpected ways companies need to be prepared to respond to a disaster.

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“Archive, Replicate, Recover” is a Natural Progression to the Cloud; Interview with AIS VP of Network Engineering Steve Wallace Part II

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Crawl. Walk. Run. That progression pretty well summarizes how most people look to take advantage of cloud service providers over time though, in cloud services terminology, the progression may be better summed up as: Archive, Replicate, Recover. Today I conclude my conversation with American Internet Service’s VP of Network Engineering, Steve Wallace, as we examine how many of AIS’ clients initially get their data into the AIS cloud and then expand their use of AIS cloud services over time.

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Information Governance: The Proactive Approach

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You hear the words and phrases repeated in legal offices, data centers, break rooms, and boardrooms: liability, indemnity, retention, regulators, act of discovery, compliance. The discomforting sound of Information Governance contains echoes of cost, complexity, inconvenience, and potential penalties.

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How Virtualization May Be Helping Keep the Internet Afloat

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As I was watching the local 10 o’clock news last night to catch up on the latest on the flooding in the surrounding Omaha area, I was hit by a piece of unexpected news. The Army Corps of Engineers had earlier in the day released a map and began to warn residents that a major portion of downtown Omaha could be under as much as 10 feet of water should a levee that borders the Missouri River fail. Yet what many do not know is that the Omaha area is the home for datacenters of many of the world’s largest and most well-known Internet companies such as Google, Paypal and Yahoo.

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Two Cool Technologies at Spring SNW 2011 That May Get Hot Later This Year

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Having come out of the data center and spent many years now as an analyst, it is difficult for me to get overly excited about any new storage technologies that I see at Storage Networking World (SNW.) While these technologies are most certainly “cool,” in the stoic world of storage the odds of them going “hot” are often slim. But at this Spring 2011 SNW, the Nimbus Data Systems S-class and HP Data Protector Instant Recovery look to have above average chances of breaking through.

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Backup Automation, Protection of Millions of Files and Bare Metal Restore Lead One MSP to Select R1Soft

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Back at the end of July I took a look at why traditional backup software approaches are faltering at managed service providers (MSPs) and new solutions such as those from R1Soft are having such success with these providers. Since then I have had an opportunity to speak with GSI Hosting, an MSP in Kansas City, MO, who explained why it opted for R1Soft’s Continuous Data Protection instead of a more traditional backup solution.

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The Real End Game of Virtualization is Automated IT Operations

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Some seem to think that virtualization for the sake of virtualization is the proper business objective because of how it helps reduce server and storage footprints, utilize physical resources more effectively or ultimately lower costs. Certainly these are proper short term goals but the real end game of virtualization is not simply to create a virtualized data center environment. It is to create one that fully automates IT operations.

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VMware’s Biggest Value Proposition May Be that It Gets IT and Business out of Each Other’s Way

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Those who attend VMworld for the first time (this was my third) always walk away in a bit of state of shock. Because until you attend this event, it is hard to describe the fundamental shift that is occurring in organizations and how virtualization is poised to completely transform how every size organization from the enterprise all the way down to the consumer does business.

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Why CDP is Taking over at MSPs

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One of the privileges I get in being contracted to do blogging is that I get to speak to customers to which others rarely get access. One set of customers that I frequently speak with are managed service providers (MSPs) and discuss with them what technologies that they are having success with in their data centers. So this is why I can say with a high degree of certainty that continuous data protection (CDP) is taking over within their data centers and is shaping up to have a high impact as enterprise organizations look to move their applications and application data into the cloud.

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Top 10 DCIG Blogs of 2009 Written in 2009

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This is one of my favorite blogs of the year to write. Even though this is only the second time since DCIG launched its blogging site two years ago that I have had the opportunity to write a blog in this format, I have been looking forward to looking back all year. In case you have not yet figured it out, today I take a look back at the top 10 most read blogs in 2009 on the DCIG site. However this year I am doing a two part series with today’s blog examining the 10 most read blogs in 2009 that were written in 2009.

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COPAN Systems tops the news

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On top of the storage news this week we saw the demise of COPAN Systems; or did we? It really isn’t quite clear as to what has been going on over at COPAN as we have yet to get any confirmation from within the industry. Bill Mottram, a managing partner at Veridictus Associates, and fellow Coloradan such as myself, was unable to contact the Colorado company for comment. Concrete information is hard to find regarding COPAN but we were able to put a few pieces together from across the social sphere:

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Possibilities not Cost Savings Becoming VMware’s New Focus; It’s Time to Think about iPhone Virtualization and Following the Moon

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In yesterday’s blog, I answered the question as to why I think the use of virtual appliances is going to become the new standard for backing up and recovering virtual machines. However today I want to answer the question as to what was the big news that came out of VMworld 2009. In my view, it was clearly that the emphasis has moved from why organizations need to virtualize their environments to what new possibilities that a fully virtualized (aka cloud) environment creates.

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Low Cost Linux/Windows Continuous Data Protection Solution Emerges

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Continuous data protection has long been a staple for R1Soft on the Linux platform. With 90,000 to 95,000 servers protected by R1Soft’s continuous data protection (CDP) product for Linux, one can only wonder how their recent release of CDP for the Windows platform will prevail. It was my pleasure to speak with David Wartell, VP and Founder of R1Soft about this new offering, what it entails, and how it will affect future Windows backups.

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