Competitive Intelligence
The DCIG Competitive Intelligence Platform enables any organization to conduct a thorough assessment of any technology being considered for acquisition. Based upon the same underlying software that DCIG uses in the preparation of its Buyer’s Guide on various topics, DCIG makes available to any organization the software they need to map any technology under consideration to their anticipated or current needs.

The DCIG Competitive Intelligence Platform enables organizations to:

  • Ask and answer the right questions about any product in a particular technology sector
  • Score the answers to these questions in a manner that aligns with their actual requirements
  • Objectively arrive at the most appropriate buying decision for their specific needs

DCIG also includes support for the development of the first survey you create in-house. In this way, you can confidently develop a survey that appropriately assesses the technology you are evaluating and provides the results in a format that is easily understand and visualized.

To request information or have DCIG provide you with a live demo of the DCIG Competitive Intelligence Platform, please click on the Request Information button below which will direct you to a form to complete to request more information about this offering from DCIG.

The DCIG Competitive Intelligence Platform includes the following features:

  • A survey system prepopulated with common technology questions and answers. The DCIG Competitive Intelligence Platform includes a comprehensive list of technology questions and common answers to those questions to get the most meaningful responses.
  • Flexibility to introduce new questions and/or answers. Using the DCIG Competitive Intelligence Platform, organizations may ask the specific questions or add the specific responses that they need answered for their particular environment.
  • Flexible scoring options for answers to survey questions. Organizations may assign a score to the answers associated with each question to objectively measure a specific product’s fit in their environment.
  • Flexibility to create separate surveys for each product. Once a master survey template is created, individual surveys may be created for each product that, when completed, create a unique score and ranking for that product. These surveys may even be sent out to vendors to complete.