Buyer’s Guides

DCIG creates licensed content in the form of its ground breaking Buyer’s Guides. DCIG analysts choose a topic for a Buyer’s Guide that addresses a current need in the market. Specifically, numerous products from multiple vendors are available in the market that confuse potential buyers. It is this challenge that the DCIG Buyer’s Guides address by collecting data on specific products within a defined market landscape.DCIG evaluates those products from an end user’s viewpoint, scores their features and then arrives at a ranking that easily communicates those findings. The development of each Buyer’s Guide begins with DCIG creating and completing surveys for all of the products to be covered in a particular Buyer’s Guide. These surveys are then sent out to all of the vendors of the products being covered in the Buyer’s Guide. Responses are compiled, scored and ranked with an analysis write-up accompanying the publication of each Buyer’s Guide. The result is a Buyer’s Guide that typically has 50 or more pages which is used by individuals to make hardware and software evaluations and buying decisions.

Pocket Analyst Reports

DCIG Pocket Analyst Reports play a key role in understanding how two competing products or product families differ to help accelerate and justify buying decision. DCIG Pocket Analyst Reports initially draw from the broader unsponsored research that DCIG does in its preparation for each of its Buyer’s Guides on a specific technology topic.However, these reports go one step further by highlighting the key competitive advantages that one product offers over another. Using this succinct, 4-page report that includes a detailed product matrix, DCIG provides insight into eight key differentiators between the two products, and which one is best positioned to deliver on key enterprise and data center considerations. These points highlight and articulate the value proposition of a product’s features over a competitor and the relevance of the features to the business. The report provides a chart that does a side-by- side comparison of the DCIG-validated product features and which help to substantiate the analyst’s claims and observations on the first page of the report. Samples are available upon request.