Using the DCIG Analysis Suite to Improve Your Technology Buying Decision

How to use DCIG’s Interactive Buyer’s Guide (IBG) to customize and tailor a buyer’s guide with your own criteria.  Suitable as the basis for building an RFI/RFP or lending structure to the buying process.  Also available for any technology domain besides storage, data protection and hyper-convergence.  Contact DCIG  to learn more.

Click on the link to view the webinar:   Analysis Suite Webinar

Key Considerations When Selecting a Hybrid Storage Array

A storage decision that many small, midsize and large enterprise organizations are trying to make regards what type of array to host their production data on. This often comes down to the selection of either an all-flash or a hybrid storage array. Since most organizations do not have the luxury of saying, “Money is no object,” the majority are, for now, selecting hybrid storage arrays to get flash-like performance for their most active application data while using disk to store the bulk of their application data. It as organizations evaluate hybrid storage arrays that there are key factors that they need to consider.

Hybrid storage array trends and features were covered in a webinar that DCIG President, Jerome Wendt, recently presented live and which is now available for on-demand viewing in this YouTube video.